VTK 9.2.2 build aborts

I’m trying to build 9.2.2 with GCC 4.8.5 where I’m taking all of the defaults except that I select a RELASE build and I set VTK_GUISupportQtQuick to NO. All selections are made with ccmake.

This is what I see:

In file included from /home/user1/Downloads/Vtk/VTK-9.2.2/Common/Core/SMP/Common/vtkSMPToolsAPI.h:26:0,
from /home/user1/Downloads/Vtk/VTK-9.2.2/Common/Core/SMP/Common/vtkSMPToolsAPI.cxx:16:
/home/user1/Downloads/Vtk/VTK-9.2.2/Common/Core/SMP/Common/vtkSMPToolsImpl.h: In constructor \u2018constexpr vtk::detail::smp::vtkSMPToolsImpl<(vtk::detail::smp::BackendType)0>::vtkSMPToolsImpl()\u2019:
/home/user1/Downloads/Vtk/VTK-9.2.2/Common/Core/SMP/Common/vtkSMPToolsImpl.h:58:28: error: use of deleted function \u2018std::atomic::atomic(const std::atomic&)\u2019
In file included from /home/user1/Downloads/Vtk/VTK-9.2.2/Common/Core/vtkObjectBase.h:57:0,
from /home/user1/Downloads/Vtk/VTK-9.2.2/Common/Core/vtkObject.h:45,
from /home/user1/Downloads/Vtk/VTK-9.2.2/Common/Core/SMP/Common/vtkSMPToolsAPI.h:21,
from /home/user1/Downloads/Vtk/VTK-9.2.2/Common/Core/SMP/Common/vtkSMPToolsAPI.cxx:16:
/usr/include/c++/4.8.2/atomic:487:7: error: declared here
atomic(const atomic&) = delete;

Any ideas what caused this?

I wonder why it is finding it in this 4.8.2 directory.

Because /usr/include/c++/4.8.5 points (links) to it.

Understood. We’re taking a look at the gcc 4.8.5 build failure.

Okay. Will be happy to try again if there is a solution.

There were two MRs recently to fix 4.8.5 compilation:

I’ll look at getting them into 9.2.3.

Cc: @spyridon97

Has this been fixed in version 9.2.5?

I think so yes.