VTK 9 and Java- vtk.jar not automatically generated. Also location of wrapper dlls

Using Visual Studio ( actually 2019 but I also have 2017) and using cmake 3.17.2 on Windows 10 1909
The step to compile the java wrappers and build vtk.jar seems not to be run although the rest of the build happens. The .java files can be compiled manually and put into vtk.jar. The resulting jar file seems to work. The other problem I had was findjng the java wrapper dlls. These are put into
\VTK-9.0.0\lib\java\vtk-Windows-AMD64 rather than in \VTK-9.0.0\bin\Release with the other dlls. Was the last change intentional?

This appears to be a Visual Studio thing. Making jar files is not supported in it. The way it was done previously, every java file had a manual javac command associated with it and a following jar call later. This has been replaced with CMake’s Java support instead which is evidently not supported in Visual Studio. I recommend using the Ninja generator instead if you need Java builds working better on Windows.

Yes, they are only meant for use by the jar and are placed near it instead. This does likely mean that PATH is needed to use the jar on Windows, but install rules would need to be figured out anyways.

Thank you for the explanation. I just assumed the build process would work as it has done for previous versions. Actually all the hard work is done. vtk.jar can easily be built from the command line.
I can see why it would be better to use CMake’s java support on platforms where it works.