VTK 9 and vtkResliceCursorWidget


I built a vtk v9.0 Linux debian package with the 27th August 2020 nightly release of the master branch of vtk in order to test the last features before the 9.1 planned to the end of october.

Unfortunatly, I experimented some regressions (compare to v8.2) using vtkResliceCursorWidget.

The regression is about the lines of the widget which are no more displayed or displayed sometimes with buggy dots. I used the code from “TestResliceCursorWidget2.cpp” and “TestResliceCursorWidget3.cpp” which can be found in “Interaction/Widgets/Testing/Cxx/” to make my test.

Is someone experiment the same regression which seems to me an issue which can block the 9.1 release.

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I also encountered this problem in 9.1 This problem is repeated in version 0. I hope it can be solved as soon as possible

version 0 ?

I hope it can be solved as soon as possible

First step would be to open an actual issue on gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk/issues

I think I encountered the same problem.

use vtk 9.1.0

This is still the case for me with latest nightly and Qt 5.15.2

[translated: I think this might be the answer]