VTK 9: Outdated examples included in source code archive?

We just tried to build some of the “Tutorial” examples included in VTK 9.0.(0/1) source .tar.gz from vtk.org, and they don’t seem to work - (CMake reports Unknown CMake command "vtk_module_config").
On closer inspection of their CMakeLists.txt, these don’t seem to be adapted to the new CMake module structure of 9.x; their CMakeLists.txt still contains VTK_USE_FILE, and no vtk_module_autoinit. This also seems to apply to examples in other folders as well.

It’s not such a big thing since up-to-date examples are available at lorensen.github.io/ - but I’m confused as to why this out-of-date examples folder is included in the source archive? Including examples not compiling with the version of the vtk library they come with probably will confuse quite a few newbies (who might decide vtk is not for them when they can’t get it to compile/run?).

Edit: Seems there is a bug report about this already: https://gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk/-/issues/17711

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