VTK 9 wheels on PyPI?

Hi all,

Will there be wheels uploaded to PyPI for the VTK 9 release? Wheels for Python 3.8 would also be nice, as that’s the version shipped in the newly released Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.


Yep. We just got the per-wheel size limit lifted for VTK. I suspect they’ll be up within a day or two. @TJ_Corona

That’s great, thanks.

I see that some wheels showed up yesterday :+1: Though only macOS / Windows wheels for now. Are there manylinux1 wheels coming?

They will be manylinux2014. auditwheel doesn’t like them as-is (and breaks them when it tries to fix them), so we’re just going to “cheat” the system and not do that part. The wheels will assume X11 and OpenGL on the system which seems reasonable to me (the alternative is shipping those libraries which is Definitely Broken™).

Alright, that sounds sensible. Thanks!

Any news on the manylinux2014 wheels? Are they turning out trickier to create than expected? No hurry, just curious.

Working on 9.0.1 for them now. We probably still need to lie to pypi about auditwheel’s blessing, but it’s that or figuring out why auditwheel is unhappy.