vtk build error linux release

Hi, something changed within the past week or so on the vtk master branch, as of today when I build on linux with config RELEASE I get a build failure

/…/VTK/Common/DataModel/vtkSimpleCellTessellator.cxx:2529:5: error: “SLOW_API” is not defined [-Werror=undef]

and a similar one in ThirdParty/doubleconversion/vtkdoubleconversion/double-conversion/doubleconversion.cc:532

and they go away if i define CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS -Wno-error=undef

Any clue what is causing this behavior?

Hmm. The dashboards should have caught that. I added -Werror=undef recently to try and catch problems. I’ll have an MR up shortly.


Thanks Ben, is this still waiting on merge request?

Yes, I got all the instances of the flag causing failures that I hit on my machine on that MR, but there may be code I was not using and have instances still happening. Once that lands, master should be much better though.

so far just one more

Rendering/OSPRay/vtkOSPRayPass.cxx lines 95 and 105

and vtkOSPRayWindowNode.cxx line 40 something…

and those two fixes gave me a clean build…


Thanks for letting me know, this should clear that up: