VTK class development from VTK 4.2

Dear All,

I have my own VTK header file that was written for VTK 4.2. The file has dependency with two header files from VTK namely “vtkDataSetToPolyDataFilter.h” and “vtkPolyDataSource.h”.

After building process, there are error messages saying that the two header files from VTK do not exist.

I try to find the two files in VTK folder as well and also find nothing.

Do you have any suggestion for this problem?

I just start with VTK again after 14 years so seem that I already miss many things.

Many thanks and
Warm regards,

VTK versions are tagged in git. So you can go back to version 4.2 and find those files, then moving up versions you should see those files deprecated and then removed.

Looking at the commit messages you should be able to better understand why those actions happened.
You also might get information from the release notes for VTK.

In certain cases you might need to copy some old headers in your own project.