VTK-examples FrogSlice

I’m a beginner about VTK. I want to learn the FrogSlice-example in VTK website. The example provides C++ code and CMakeList.txt, but no raw image data. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could tell me about how to get raw image data of the FrogSlice-example.


Hi Chris,

I am a newbie as well, but because I saw this question, I become curious and interested to answer your question while learning as well.

So if you want to know, when you git clone the vtk-example repository here:
GitHub - Kitware/vtk-examples: This is the VTK Examples Web Site. This is a mirror of the https://gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk-examples repository in order to host web pages. DO NOT SUBMIT MERGE REQUESTS HERE.

then all the data for examples will be available under this directory <vtk-examples>/src/Testing/Data/Frog
here is the link:
vtk-examples/src/Testing/Data/Frog at master · Kitware/vtk-examples · GitHub
That’s the files you are looking for.

You can call it after building the example of FrogSlice by adding the path to the frog.mhd and frogtissue.mhd

See my screenshot below:
I create an environment variable by setting $vtkdata=../<vtk-examples>/src/Testing/Data/Frog

This is the command I use:
./FrogSlice $vtkdata/Frog/frog.mhd $vtkdata/Frog/frogtissue.mhd

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Thank you very much for your patient reply!!! It really helped me a lot.