VTK_Group_Qt cmake error

I’m trying to configure VTK_Group_Qt for my VTK build on cmake however i’m experiencing the following error (i have tried putting the directory of my Qt download but it doesnt make a difference):

Qt directory: C:\Qt\5.9.9\msvc2017_64\lib\cmake

My cmake version: 3.16.0-rc3

my Qt creator information:

Qt5_DIR needs to point to the directory of the Qt5Config.cmake. This should be C:\Qt\5.9.9\msvc2017_64\lib\cmake\Qt5 for your installation.

perfect, thank you!

after trying to build these modules on visual studio i’m now getting the following errors:

which is confusing because my laptop system is x64 as is the Qt compiler i picked.

system info:

You need to select either the “Win64” variant of the generator in the GUI dropdown or set the toolset to “x64” to get 64-bit compilation with Visual Studio in CMake. VS 2019 and newer generators default to the host architecture, but older ones default to 32-bit.