VTK interactor window opens but regular render window won't

Hi everyone,

I’m new to VTK and I’m trying to get started in python 3.10.2 in a conda environment. On a 2020 M1 Macbook Air

I’m working on just running some minimal examples and I’ve noticed something odd.

The following code example runs as expected https://kitware.github.io/vtk-examples/site/Python/GeometricObjects/CylinderExample/

But this provided tutorial code runs without error but doesn’t open a render window:

The difference is that the “Hello World” example uses the vtkRenderWindowInteractor() object, and the “Tutorial_Step1” example only uses the vtkRenderWindow() object. That code is meant to show the render window and make the a 3D cone rotate once and then exit.

I can make the tutorial code work by adding an vtkRenderWindowInteractor() object, but I am concerned about moving forward when there seems to be a problem with rendering windows without the interactor.

Has anybody dealt with this issue?

That is what Tutorial_Step1 want to do, and it also the reason why it exit because all the work has been done.

If you want to interect with the window, you need to add vtkRenderWindowInteractor. If not, you do not need to add it.

I understand that the tutorial code is supposed to open a render window, rotate a cone, and then exit.

What I’m saying is that it doesn’t open a window. A window only opens if I have an interacter object.

I am seeing this same behavior.

No window spawns when the basic example is run. It completes without errors.

An example with an interactive window works.