vtk.js server site openGL.

Dear All,

In web-project-templates-master example it is created an OpenGL window in the server side. For that it is needed a Graphics card that supports OpenGL. Can that window be created/mapped in RAM memory and without a Graphics Card?


Luís Gonçalves

Which project are you talking about the pvw or the client side only? For client side, we rely on the browser gpu for doing the rendering and we have no other choice but that does not mean, you need a good GPU.

I am talking about the server side. I suppose that is needed also OpenGL in the server side, no? At least it is opened in the server side a window with title openGL32. Imagine that in the server side is headless (without openGL), can that window be rendered in RAM or Nvidia Tesla GPU (without OpenGL)?

You can do OSMesa / OpenSWR or else if you don’t have a GPU.
But that is not because your server is headless that it cannot have OpenGL. If you have a nvidia gpu, you can use EGL for dealing with OpenGL without a graphical environment (X).

Even in Python?

Yes especially in Python, EGL is the way we deploy ParaViewWeb server with GPU in the cloud…

Are there EGL support for Windows (10) with Nvidia Tesla GPGPUs?

No I don’t think so. I think it is only available in Linux