VTK latest stable release

Please add the latest stable release version to the VTK downloads page. Currently, the only displayed recent version is 9.3.0.RC1, which is not considered stable. Thank you.

Among other reasons, this supports the ability of package systems such as Macports to automatically locate the latest stable release. The current situation is confusing the machinery.

Also see: #8890


Definitely agree, it also confuses the VTK examples.

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Talking about about this, I was wondering whether the 9.2.6 I downloaded and compiled a while ago is actually considered a stable release? (I seem to have a few issues with the java wrappers but that is another topic altogether)

I too would like to find out about that. I am in the middle of updating Macports from some ancient VTK, to 9.2.6, assuming that Gitlab is truthful.

Actually I am a bit worried because of the failed status I found a couple hours ago:

edit: ?! I don’t understand, the page I linked was different earlier today: it was mostly failed or “canceled” (or a similar wording), and now as I am writing, only one test is failed (el8-MPI-python)

That is a single failure amidst a heck of a lot of good builds and tests. What is el8?

Indeed, see my edit. It seemed different earlier (but maybe I am wrong and mixed pages up, sorry)
EL: Enterprise Linux maybe? (like in RHEL aka Red Hat Enterprise Linux)

Okay, I just saw the edit. I will just assume now that 9.2.6 is okay, and get updates on this thread in case there is a new surprise. Thanks for reporting.

FWIW, Macports builds for 9.2.6 were good for macos-11, 12, and 13, x86 only. This does not include any user testing. Production builds for arm64 and older OS are in the queue, will probably run in a day or two. Macports does not yet have a builder for Sonoma, released only last week.

9.2.6 is of course a stable release, as stable as any other release since VTK does not have a LTS release of any sort.

Actually I am a bit worried because of the failed status I found a couple hours ago:

Looks like this specific CI job failed. It can happen, we try to make it more stable but it proved challenging. el8 stands for Red Hat Entreprise Linux 8.

If you find any issues with 9.2.6, please check with master. If this issue is present in master too, please report/fix it. Thanks!

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