VTK measuring distances

Hola a todos, busco ayuda para saber si existen funcionalidades de VTK para medir distancias nodo a nodo, plano a plano, nodo a plano… Todo en objetos de VTK. La función será principalmente dado un punto de la malla y una dirección ver la distancia mínima a un borde, teniendo en cuenta que la malla puede tener formas o curvas inesperadas, es decir, que puede haber una distancia más corta de forma vertical y sin tener esto en cuenta podría pasar desapercibida. Mi idea es que funcione cortando la malla con un plano “infinito” en la dirección dada y buscar en el locator la distancia más corta a un borde, configurar el locator para que tenga un tamaño definido al encontrar un borde cortando con el plano. ¿Alguien podría decirme funcionalidades de VTK para poder conseguir esto? Gracias! Programo en C# pero cualquier otro lenguaje también me serviría de ayuda.
Hello everyone, I’m seeking help to determine if there are any VTK functionalities for measuring distances node to node, plane to plane, node to plane… All within VTK objects. The main function will be to, given a point on the mesh and a direction, find the minimum distance to an edge, considering that the mesh may have unexpected shapes or curves, meaning there could be a shorter distance vertically that might go unnoticed without considering it. My idea is for it to work by cutting the mesh with an “infinite” plane in the given direction and then search in the locator for the shortest distance to an edge, configuring the locator to have a defined size when encountering an edge by cutting with the plane. Could anyone tell me about VTK functionalities that could accomplish this? Thank you! I use C# but everything will help for sure.

Grep for methods with partial signatures “DistanceTo”. They are mostly found on Common/DataModel.

The tricky one is plane to plane. Do you mean finite planes, or infinite in extent? The same goes for lines.

None of these methods take into account a “direction”.

VTK has geometric operations focused on supporting visualization algorithms. You are straying into geometric modeling territory and may find a better tool for the kind of operations you mention.

Hi Will, thanks for your answer.

I don’t knowr if they are infinite or not, but I guess they are. Same with lines as well. The thing is that they (both planes) need to be parallel , otherwise their distance would be 0 at some point, so all I need is a point of the plane (that can be the center) and then get the plane’s normal and point it to the other plane, so when they intersect we would have the entire vector and that would be the distance, right? My project right now is some kind of a 3D visualizer using VTK, so all I got is VTK objects and thats why I need to use VTK (and also I am supposed to do so, it’s mandatory).

It’s okay if none of these methods take a direction into account, that’s an offset I will think of, but I need some kind of filters or something to kick off.