Vtk Pipeline Query

Hi everyone,
I have few queries:

  • Is the pipeline developed in version 5.8 of VTK can work same in vtk 9.1 without any changes?
  • Do we have to worry about the internal structure of pipeline or we can simply use input methods in our code and it take care on internal structure itself?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, friend,

My 2 cents: You will likely have to do a lot of work to get a code made for 5.8 to work in 9.1. Many parts of the API likely went deprecated, refactored, renamed, replaced and even removed. My approach to that would be first to port it to 6.0, then to 7.0, then to 8.0 and, finally, to 9.1. A “moonshot” will likely result in an unmanageable deal of incompatible code to fix and, after it finally compiles, to silent crashes.