VTK Python 3.9 Wheels

Would it be possible for VTK/Kitware to publish Python 3.9 wheels for 9.0.1? I can even build wheels if you’d like.

I ask this because we have a few projects that rely on VTK and we’d really like to support Python 3.9.

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Alex, there are some guys at Kitware working on this. If you want to learn more, email me at will.schroeder@kitware.com and I can make some introductions.

Any progress with this? We would love to have wheels for Python 3.9.
6 months have passed from reporting the issue here.
Please have in mind that Python 3.9 was released back in Oct. 2020.

VTK has dev wheels for Python 3.9 as of 12 June. pyvista now supports Python 3.9 as of 23 June.

In Python 3.9 you can simply run:

pip install pyvista

and you’re good to go.

Please raise an issue on Issues · pyvista/pyvista · GitHub is you encounter any issues.

Thank you Alex. However this is very cryptic. People shouldn’t need to install pyvista to have python-vtk. I see from the repo that the (dev) wheel is available here
This wheel should go up in vtk · PyPI asap. I suppose this will happen as soon as the wheel stops being on dev mode? Hopefully in the next few weeks?
It is important to be consistent in the ecosystem to support as many projects as possible. The name of the wheel is also misleading as vtk-9.0.1-cp39-cp39-manylinux2010_x86_64.whl seems not being a dev version but a final version. See here vtk · PyPI

Sorry for the confusion. Wheels I was referring to are here:

You can 100% just run:

pip install vtk

No reason to use any of our custom wheels to get pyvista for vtk (now that official wheels are released).

We generated unofficial wheels to support anyone who wanted to use vtk on Python 3.9. Those wheels were build on 9.0.1 and are not dev wheels, but are also not official wheels since they weren’t built by Kitware. Kitware is a bit underwater at the moment and took some time to release Python 3.9 wheels. I’m happy they’re finally out.

Regarding pyvista, you don’t need it to use vtk. It’s there to simplify the API calls to VTK and it’s used by a variety of other projects. You can take a look at it, but it’s not necessary. For some reason (and I’ve been in pyvista mode for quite some time), I thought this was about pyvista support.

Clear. Thank you for providing this information @akaszynski . You made my day.

So for everyone reading this the answer for obtaining Python 3.9 support is currently
pip install vtk==9.0.20210612.dev0 and later you will just do pip install vtk
And all the vtk versions (including pre-release/dev) are available here

Onward and upward.

Now we can add this to our CI in FURY! Yeah!

And many other projects will benefit too.
All the best for the release version and thank you VTK devs for providing a pre-release version. Respect.