vtk rendering problem on embedded linux

hello everyone

I build vtk8.2.0 by nanopi m4 (OS is ‘Armbian Bionic desktop legacy kernel 4.4.y’).
At first time vtk was successfully, but rendering is very slow and FPS is only about 5

I use ‘glmark2-es2’ to evaluate performance,and the result is ok as shown in the figure below.

Then I enable ‘VTK_OPENGL_HAS_EGL’ to rebuild vtk.
‘EGL_INCLUDE_DIR’ has a path to automatically find ‘egl.h’
‘EGL_LIBRARY’ has a path to automatically find ‘libOpenGL.so’
No errors occurred using the following instructions ‘cmake’、‘make’、‘make install’

But vtkEGLRenderWindow has the following error message when rendering

How can I exclude this error or solve the problem of slow rendering?
Thank you all.