vtk, SimpleITK and blender

Hi, i m new to vtk and SimpleITK and i need some help.
I m trying to make a blender addon for reading NRRD file exported from 3Dslicer or dicom sequence from user directory
The volume will be read using vtk NRRD reader or itkGDCM.
I would like to use vtk resample class to extract 3 Orthogonal slices according to the parameters of an empty object in blender (holder/parent) of 3 orthogonal planes
Expected result :
When the blender empty object is rotated or translated a 4x4 matrix is calculated (empty new location and rotation ) and recalculate the resampled volume --> output the 3 flat numpy arrays --> push to blender 3 planes respective textures
My questions :
1_ I dont know how it is done in 3DSlicer is this approach correct.
2_ if it is , how could i proceed to not call the entire vtk pipeline (from reader to resampling fuction at least) for every move.
I ll be so grathfull for some help Thank you