VTK Synchronized MPR behavior issue.

Hi all,
I wanted to link the 3 views axial, coronal and sagittal views so that when mouse interaction takes place on one view, it simultaneously updates the other views.

Things I’ve tried…

I have tried the following example MPR code, I’m able to iterate over the slices for my 3 views, when interacted with independently.

Next, this example I tired, which gave me the idea to link the views based on the camera.

Integrating the knowledge gained from that second link into the first link, I added InteractionEvent callback to the three interactors for those 3 views with interactorstyle of vtkInteractorStyleTrackballCamera and it works fine the 3 views are dependent and on interaction on any view, the other views move too! But, trackballCamera style is not what I need.

Basically I need it to be based on vtkInteractorStyleImage But when I use this interactor, for some reason, again the 3 views become independent i.e interaction on one view only moves through slices of that view.

Not sure, what I’m doing wrong here. Is it something to do with vtkInteractorStyleImage which is causing this behavior ?
Any examples or direction to proceed is apprecitiated.

Thank you in advance!