VTK8.2.0(& VTK 9.1.0) for android with official Android's example(JavaVTK) not runing exactly

Hello everyone,
I was already build VTK 8.2.0 and VTK 9.1.0 with ndk-r21e and import it into AndroidStudio.
I was created 2 projects that one include VTK-8.2.0 and the other include VTK-9.1.0 , and I copy the code which from github(Java and c++ source code) into the AndroidStudio.
in project <VTK 8.2.0> ,it was crashed immediately, I found it is because vtkRenderWindow::New() return Null!
in project <VTK 9.1.0>, it was not crash,but only black screen!

We recently fixed some stuff in android, you may want to try with master.

thanks for your reply, I will try it later

I have rebuild with master and import into AndroidStudio,but it is still the same problem! :pensive:

my build.sh :

cmake …

make clean

make -j6

am I missing any build options for android?