vtkAVIWriter not available on python wheel

Hi all,

Since vtk 9.1 it seems that vtkAVIWriter is no more included in python package for windows.
I have the error : module ‘vtkmodules.all’ has no attribute ‘vtkAVIWriter’
This is the same with the latest 9.2 distribution.
Is this normal? Do I have to build it on my own and in this case is there a special build option to activate?

Thanks one more time for the good work and thanks in advance for your feeback

It’s normal because it would require the wheel to ship its own FFmpeg and there’s no reliable way to make it not conflict with some other FFmpeg that you might want to use (like through its Python bindings wheel).

You can do this. The option is -DVTK_MODULE_ENABLE_VTK_IOMovie=YES.

Hi and thank your for your reply!

After some tries I managed to get it works activating “VTK_USE_VIDEO_FOR_WINDOWS” option when building vtk.
I also tried the “VTK_USE_VIDEO_FOR_WINDOWS_CAPTURE” but didn’t manage yet to output a functional mp4 file (the generated file is empty even if I have no error message).