VTKAxisActor color

Hello, I have a problem with the color change of my VTKAxisActor. I want to make it more visible on my images but when I change the property color, the color is change in memory but I didn’t see any change.
To make a test i use you vtkAxisActor example and i just add this line.

axis->GetProperty()->SetColor(1.0, 0.0, 0.0);

This example may help, AxisActor, here the title and label colours are being set. Also look at vtkAxisActor Class Reference for other actor properties that you can set.

Thanks but i want to change the color of the axis and not of the title or label.

I’m away from my computer however there should be methods like “GetXAxisShaftProperty()” and " GetXAxisTipProperty()" and you should be able to use “SetColor()” on the properties.

I can not access to those properties because there are in the vtkAxesActor and not in vtkAxisActor. I tried with the GetAxisMainLineProperty or GetAxisLinesProperty and there is no color change.

I meet the same problem too. Have you ever solved it?