vtkBillboardTextActor3D how to get text box size?

I am using vtkBillBoardTextActor3D to render 3D text and I need to know the size of the text box. This method has neither getPosition2 nor getWidth and the getBounds method seems to be returning a minimax box that does not match the label representation.

Would anyone know how to get the size of the box in world coordinates?

the goal is to get the coordinates of the 4 vertices of the box in world coordinates, I only have the coordinate of the lower left vertex, which coincides with getPosition()

PS: I can’t use another object to represent the text like vtkTextActor, vtkCaptionActor2D, etc as they don’t have all the properties I need. I would need the size of the text box from vtkBillBoardTextActor3D.

thank you very much in advance :slight_smile: