vtkCellArray updates

based on changes from: Upcoming changes to vtkCellArray

I have some code I am trying to update to the latest VTK,
and I think I am running in an issue with this new implementation.

vtkPolyData is subclassed and has this code to get a face vertices from face id

inline void GetFaceVertices(const vtkIdType& face, vtkIdType &nVerts, vtkIdType &Vertices) {
    this->Cells->GetCell(this->Cells->GetCellLocation(face), nVerts, verts);

I think Maybe It should use this->GetCellPoints(face, verts)

Would that be the correct implementation?

another Example that I am having a hard time following is:

for (i=0;i<NumberOfVertices;i++)
vtkIdType Loc=this->Polys->GetInsertLocation(NumberOfVertices);

while (face>=this->NumberOfAllocatedPolygonsAttributes)

where this->Cells->InsertNextCell(Type,Loc); fails because the method doesn’t exist.

I think Loc can be replaced by a value of type VTKCellType but I am not sure if thats correct.