vtkDICOM - is there a list of CT vendors that are supported 'out of the box'

Is there a document listing the vendors and scanner models that are supported by vtkDICOM

No such list exists. Is there a particular vendor whose images are causing problems?

If vtkDICOM is not able to read an image, the most likely cause is that vtkDICOM was built without USE_GDCM=ON and the DICOM image uses JPEG compression (or J2K or JPEG-LS). This is because vtkDICOM relies on GDCM for image decompression, and without GDCM, vtkDICOM can only read uncompressed (or RLE-compressed) images.

Thanks for the detailed response.

Question is not relevant to any load failure, but rather to understand expected capabilities of a product that would be build using vtkDICOM as well as the expected effort required for obtaining and testing data from multiple vendors