vtkGeometryFilter output missing some cellData

I want to convert an unstructured grid to polydata for rendering. However, when I use vtkGeometryFilter for the conversion, I noticed that some CellData arrays are missing in the resulting file. The original vtk file contains 7 celldata arrays, but the converted file only has 3 celldata arrays. I’m wondering why some attributes are missing.

Meanwhile, when I use ParaView’s ExtractSurface, all the attributes are preserved. So, I would like to understand why vtkGeometryFilter is missing attributes and if there are any additional parameters that need to be configured.

Here is my vtk file.
job3403.vtk.zip (1.5 MB)

Try using that filter instead https://vtk.org/doc/nightly/html/classvtkDataSetSurfaceFilter.html

I think that is the one ParaView use under the cover.

I don’t try vtkDataSetSurfaceFilter, I’ve solved this problem by set vtkDataReader to read all props, like this.

And I also noticed that this problem only happen when I read a legacy vtk file with ascii encode, so I must to manually set read all scalars/vectors/tensors, And I read a vtk file with binary encode, I can read all props.

Maybe there be some documentation work for your team to notice people who use classvtkDataReader.

For those vtk legacy file with ascii encode. classvtkDataReader will read the first scalars/vectors/tensors by default, so you should set to read all scalars/vectors/tensors manually.