vtkGlyph3DMapper::ScaleMode: mismatch between header and source files

vtkGlyph3DMapper header states that the default ScaleMode is NO_DATA_SCALING. However in the source file, it’s set to SCALE_BY_MAGNITUDE.

What should be the right default settings here?
ParaView seems is able to handle the mismatch properly. Does PV override it to fit its own needs?
I am working on a ParaView based application. In my case the glyphs I created is scaled by a mysterious amount. If I use NO_DATA_SCALING then it goes away. May I ask any sugguestions here?

@Dave_DeMarle The header documention is written by you in 2016 :slight_smile: Any ideas?

ParaView can apply its own default via the filters.xml files.
I recall that glyphs were overhauled recently, the git history of the .h and .cxx will probably show they ended up with a mismatch.

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