vtkImageReslice: how to make point in the center of output image

I am using vtkImageReslice to generate an image by resliceAxes which is created by a normal direction and passing a point . In the output image, I can define its size by SetOutputExtent.

my question is how to make the point always in the middle of output image.

Thank you!

Please try for yourself first and then share your code and screenshots.

I ended up with a workaround via

imgReslice = vtk.vtkImageReslice()

ren = vtk.vtkRenderer()
ren.GetActiveCamera().SetFocalPoint(planeMatrix.GetElement(0,0), planeMatrix.GetElement(0,1), planeMatrix.GetElement(0,2))

Prb the better solution would be via SetOutputOrigin() (using the resliceorigin and the image extent somehow?), but I am unsure how to properly do that (ultimately the user should ideally not have to even think about that …)

please open your own topic.