vtkimageViewer2 can't Render the DicomSeries

Hello everyone ,
I used ITK to create a Dicomseries from a Raw Volumen pure .raw data not include mhd or any header i just add some tags by manual ,so the Dicomseries dont have much Dicom-Tags.
Then i try to render them into a vtkViewer2 , they can be read ,but nothing on the widgets.I try to use imageJ read them ,then it works. or I input some nomal dicom into vtkviewer2,it also works. My vtk version is 8.20
I think there must be some Dicom-Tags need to add . here is the dicomtag of one Dicom which i did.

I would not recommend to implement DICOM file writer from scratch. Instead vtkDICOM library or use other image file formats (that VTK has built-in writers for).

I found the solution for my strange question XD.

The imageJ screenshot above contains a lot of Dicomtags. And I know ImageJ can read my dicom and display.
That means those Tags are necessary,Instead, something is missing.
Then I noticed that there were some Tags that I hadn’t set, but were assigned in imageJ.
That means ImageJ set his default value ,therefore my dicom can be read and display.
so mission is to find them and set them in code manually.

Then everything will be fine.

I found the solution by myself . And shared as a reply above. and this example inspired me.
also Thank you so much for your reply ,Sir. :grinning: :grinning: