vtkImageViewer2: visualizing RGB data

Good morning,

I am trying to visualize a RGB image using vtkImageViewer2 in python. The image is a combination of a grayscale CTA image (which I have converted to a 3 channel image using np.stack) and a mask in its red channel. I have converted the 3-channel numpy image (CTA & mask) to vtkImageData.

When visualizing it with vtkImageViewer, the image is shown correctly (grayscale image with a red mask). As I need zooming and other interactions, I want to use vtkImageViewer2. However, in this case the mask is shown in white. I have tried to use a lookuptable but this changes the whole image and the grayscale image is also changed to blue.

Has somebody achieved to do so?

Mabye an option could be to change the visualizer, but it would need to have the option to select the slices of the CTA volume.

Thank you,