"vtkLineIntegralConvolution2D.h": No such file or directory

I get the following error message if I try to include any of the <vtkLineIntegralConvolution2D.h <vtkImageDataLIC2D.h><vtkSurfaceLICMapper.h><vtkSurfaceLICInterface.h> libraries:

Data (Include) cannot be opened: “vtkLineIntegralConvolution2D.h”: No such file or directory

I could include anything I needed until now without any problems. Is there a difference because it is a gpu implementation?

I am working with vtk version 9.0.1.

Thank you in advance!

The LICOpenGL module is not built by default, and it is not in any of the VTK binary packages. To use it, it is necessary to build VTK from source with the following as part of the configuration:


Ah perfect, ty for your fast answer I will rebuild it and try it again!

So I built it again and in the building process I saw the LICOpenGL entry and no error message. But it still does not find the libraries. Can I somehow check in the build folder that it was properly installed?

You can check the “lib” folder in your build tree to make sure that the vtkLICOpenGL2 library is there (.so, .a, or .lib).

For your own project, the one that is trying to use the LIC classes, how is it configured to find VTK? Did you re-run its configuration after rebuilding VTK?

Okay I did some mistake building vtk I guess it is not in the lib folder.

cmake -GNinja -VTK_MODULE_ENABLE_VTK_RenderingLICOpenGL2=WANT …

I tried it like that.

You have a typo, the “-D” is missing.


Ah thanks, I will give further feedback!

It worked, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you again.

I am able to build my project now, but if I try to run the .exe i get the error message that vtkLICOpenGL2-9.0d.dll is missing. I copied the dll from my build bin folder and the programm runs and I also get the LIC image. Is it because the library is shared? and I have to rebuild my vtk or do I have to change something in my cmake code to build my server with the library?

Yes, all shared libraries must either be somewhere in the PATH, or in the same folder as your .exe. If you do a static build (both of VTK and of your own project), then you can build a standalone .exe that doesn’t need the VTK dlls.

I’m not sure what you mean by “build my server”. What does “server” refer to?