vtkMultiBlockDataSet name


My questions are related to vtkMultiBlockDataSet :

  • In a vtm file it’s possible to name each block using the xml attribut name, is there a way to name the vtkMultiBlockDataSet root object so that it’ll appear in the Paraview Multi-Block inspector ?
  • In Paraview, i’ve a created a programmation filter which outputs a vtkMultiBlockDataSet. The output is good when i do not change the name of items like
    that :
    some_node.GetMetaData(0).Set(vtk.vtkMultiBlockDataSet.NAME(),"My text")
    If i do so, the output is a real mess, the subblock are not is the right class

Any idea ?

Hi @hamid_badi

Please ask on https://discourse.paraview.org/ :slight_smile:


The first question is not related to Paraview.