vtkNIFTIImageReader cannot read the origin of NIFTI Image

I create a NIFTI image file by using SimpleITK and saved as .nii.gz file.
However, when I load it by vtkNIFTIImageReader, the origin of the output vtkImageData turns out to be (0, 0, 0), which is not what I had set in SimpleITK’s method.
I tried to load the .nii.gz file in other ways like 3DSlicer and SimpleITK, they all read the right origin parameters.
Why does vtkNIFTIImageReader cannot get the right infomation?

The vtkNIFTIImageReader stores that information in SFormMatrix and QFormMatrix.

For more information see vtkNIFTIImageReader.h and vtkNIFTIImageReader.cxx