vtkPoissonReconstruction Java Wrapper

I compiled successfully VTK 9.1 with Java-Wrappers and module vtkPoissonReconstruction switched on using ninja running Windows 10 and VC2019.

But it only produces a PoissonReconstructionModule.java in [build-dir]/Wrapping/Java/vtk with an empty class. The same for the vtkPowercrust-module.

I tried the same with VTK 7/8 and linux-environment - same results.

Is this an expected behaviour because its a remote module?

Remote modules should work with wrapping, though they may not be set up properly. Looking at the source, the header for the class is not passed to the module, so there’s no header known to the build system to know that things need wrapped in the first place. Given that Bill Lorensen is the main developer, I don’t know the status of it anymore these days.

Many thanks for your reply!
Do you think it’s a big thing to implement this?
Probably you can give me any advice how to start or where to look at so I may take a look at it myself, please?

The source listing is not correct. I would recommend looking at other modules for how sources are passed to vtk_module_add_module. The docs should be useful as well. Basically, the classes that need wrapped should be in the HEADERS argument (though CLASSES is a handy shortcut for those using VTK’s extension patterns).

Given that a PoissonReconstructionModule.java file is generated I find this hard to believe.

The module header is always added to HEADERS (though it really should be NOWRAP_HEADERS since there’s nothing to wrap in it) since the module system generates it.

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