vtkRenderWindow setDeviceIndex not worked?

Dear all:
When there are four graphic cards in my linux server, the type of card is: RTX 2070.
And If I set the device index 0, to my vtkRenderWindow(), and then render by rotate.
And When I open nvidia-smi mode and display the Volatile GPU-Util parameters.

To my surprise, I set the card 0 to renderWindow, But the other card, 1 or 2 card will worked in the nvidia-smi window. So I can’t control which card I want to render used.

And When I change to the other server, with 4 graphics card, type is: RTX 4000.
And do the work again, the number set to renderWindow, and worked actually is as the same.

So the problem is:
Why vtkRenderWindow().setDeviceIndex(index) is worked in RTX 4000, not it RTX 2070 or GTX 1080.

Have you verified that e.g. glxgears work on all the different GPUs to ensure that they OpenGL works as anticipated on all graphics adapters?