I am using ActiViz Edition 5.8.0
I am trying to set colorbar values which are always between [0,1] (it would be okay, plot looks perfect with many colors on it, but for my subject it is very important to have correct limits on colorbar), but this can be solved.
var table = Mapper.GetLookupTable();
Mapper.SetScalarRange(bounds[4],bounds[5]); /// this line change limits of colorbar to zmin,zmax
vtkScalarBarActor scalarBar = vtkScalarBarActor.New();

after this change, colors of plot map same on entire place and there is no sign of surface coloring. I tried to create 2 colorbar which would overlap and set the(0,1) textproperty opacity to 0. This isn’t working. Right now i am little bit lost have anyone tackle with this problem and eventually came up with solution.