vtkWrapHierarchy.cmake help/reminder

I’ve been trying to rebuild a local project after a significant break, and
am running in o a problem. when I try to configure I get

find: vtkWrapHierarchy.cmake: No such file or directory

My VTK Users’s guides is stuck in a building under lockdown.

I’ve checked out and built a fresh version of VTK from the git source repo

which runs fine with other examples. I’ve tried to locate the file

in the source but cannot find it. I’ve tried rebuilding my project startng from a fresh copy of th vtkLocal template under examples but to no avail.

I have cmake version 3.17.3 running on OSX

Could someone kindly give me a reminder/nudge on how to proceed.

David Duke

You do not need to include that file manually anymore. The module system just runs that as part of building modules now (though you can turn it off if you tell it you don’t want any wrapping to be available for your module). This page is likely to be of interest in updating to VTK 9.