What's the easiest way to determine if a VTK filter class is readily available in ParaView?

I want to try out the vtkConnectedPointsFilter on some data I have without writing any code. I don’t see it in the massive list of filters available in the menu structure seen in ParaView’s “Filters > Alphabetical > …” submenu.

Is it there and I just don’t recognize its name, or is it not in ParaView?

Is there an easy-to-read/lookup mapping somewhere that says exactly what VTK class is underneath each of those menu items?

David C.

You can download ParaView source code and run the following :

grep -r vtkConnectedPointsFilter | grep xml

,which came up empty.

The mapping is defined in multiple xml files, the main one being :

We may want to improve this somehow.

Thanks. At least there’s a way.

Since filters.xml is the main one, I can also just search in any online copy of that file in a git repo, for example:

I’ll clone it down and search with “git grep” for other filters I’m looking for too. Thanks for the quick reply.