What's the problem? How to deal?

My program used to run quite fluently.
It used the vtk7.1 static library.
But today when it was running on a new server with win10, it shows the following error and than stopped:
“ERROR: in …\VTK\Rendering\OpenGL2\vtkOpenGLRenderWindow.cxx line 640
vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow[047C9FB8]: GL version 2.1 with the gpu_shader4 extension is not surported by your graphics driver”
What’s the problem? How to deal with it?
Thank you in advance.

Do you connect to the server via Windows remote desktop?

No, I used the server as a local machine.
It seems that vtk need opengl3.2 or above.
Thank you.

Yes, OpenGL requirements of VTK’s current rendering backend is higher than it used to be.

Note that if you have a server that supports the required OpenGL features, it may still not work via Windows remote desktop (if you create a render windows while connected via Windows remote desktop, Windows may report lower OpenGL version).

Thank you Andras Lasso.
I will remenber what you said.