What's the version of libtiff used in VTK 8.2.0

I am a beginner of VTK. I build VTK8.2.0 with mingw (for QT) in Windows. I have download the latest version libTiff from the link(http://download.osgeo.org/libtiff/). I have generate files successfully in CMake. I chose the options about libTiff in CMake as following picture.

When I use “mingw32-make” to compile VTK, here is the errors shown in the following picture.

I guess I have used the wrong version of libTiff. So, can anyone tell me what’s the version of libtiff used in VTK 8.2.0. By the way, where can I get the correct version of thirdparty library to the VTK.Thanks.

See the following link for tiff. Version numbers for third party libraries are usually also listed in the commit messages.


Building VTK with mingw is not supported, so you’re going to be running into all sorts of crazy issues.

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