Wheels for python 3.10 available on pypi?

May I suggest putting vtk-9.1.0 wheels for python-3.10 to pypi? I have to say it is meanwhile quite some limitation for python packages depending on vtk to be tied to python-3.9. Any chance that this will happen soonish?

3.10 broke APIs that VTK used to initialize the interpreter, so it is untestable without backporting a lot of code. Wheels could be made, but they would be completely untested under 3.10.

Wooh, that does not sound too encouraging. Is there any publicly readable more detailed discussion about that in some issue tracker? I would like to make up my opinion whether it might be an option for us to tackle that problem. No promises at this point, though.


MRs related to this support until we finally got it right:

The interpreter initialization for 3.10 has already been fixed in the master branch. But it involved a lot of changes to the code, much more than could be comfortably backported to VTK 9.1.

The main tracking issue was #18317.

Ah. So that means there is land in sight. That’s good news.

Thanks guys.