Where can I get the VTK 8.90?

Hi all.

I tried to create the OpenCV library with viz module using VTK 9.0.0 and 9.0.1.
But I failed and I found that viz module needs the 8.90.0.

The ‘viz/CMakeLists.txt’ contains the following messages:

include({VTK_USE_FILE}) ocv_target_link_libraries({the_module} PRIVATE {VTK_LIBRARIES}) else () ocv_target_link_libraries({the_module} PRIVATE {VTK_LIBRARIES}) vtk_module_autoinit(TARGETS {the_module} MODULES ${VTK_LIBRARIES})

if(APPLE AND BUILD_opencv_viz)
ocv_target_link_libraries(${the_module} PRIVATE “-framework Cocoa”)

if(TARGET opencv_test_viz)
set_target_properties(opencv_test_viz PROPERTIES MACOSX_BUNDLE TRUE)

With the VTK 8.90, I think it will be successful.
(Is it right? could someone advise me about this?)

So, where can I get the VTK 8.90?

Could you please help me…? :cry:

Thank you.

VTK 8.90 is not an official release of VTK, which means that even if you use a VTK which declare this version in the CMake, there is no guarantee that everything will work (both in the VTK and OpenCV side).
Anyway, here is a git tag I used for some projects during the 8.90 time : e4e8a4df9cc67fd2bb3dbb3b1c50a25177cbfe68

Looking at this CMake, it seems that OpenCV may also work with VTK 8.2. This is on older release, but if my guess is right that would be more stable.

Hi Charles Gueunet.
Thank you four your help :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!