where can we download the example test data

hi friends:
I am a fresher of VTK, I am trying to learn the examples provided officely one by one, but It is realy a greate challenge for me to get the test data like .vtp, .vti, .ply, .mha…, I think this is a common challenge for the fresheres, is there some test data the VTK provide officely?? it will be great convenient for fresheres, Appropriate charge is also acceptable!!
Thank you in advance!!

With respect to vtk-examples you can download test data from here: vtk-examples/src/Testing/Data. If you have checked out the vtk-examples repository then the data is found in src/Testing/Data.

VTK itself has test data, and this will usually be available in the ExternalData/ folder of your VTK build folder.

Thank you so much for your kindly help, it is so usful for me !!