where is ospray/ospray.h?

I tried to compile VTK with OSPRay, but it failed.
It said “cannot open source file ospray/ospray.h”
And this file indeed not existed in VTK directory.
What I should do in addition to check the Module_vtkRenderingOSPRay in CMake interface?
Thanks in advance.

OSPRay needs to be provided externally from VTK. It is available here: https://github.com/ospray/ospray

Thank you very much ben.
I think we should:
1)Download OSPRay and Install it.
2) Select the Module_vtkRenderingOSPRay in CMake interface
3)Input the OSPRAY_BUILD_DIR in CMake.
Are These right?

I suspect CMake will want OSPRay_DIR to point to the path containing the ospray-config.cmake (or OSPRayConfig.cmake) file. But that list otherwise looks good.

Hi, Ben.
I’ll try it.
Thank you.