Which XML file format for 3D mesh consisting of rectangular cuboids with variable elevations and sizes?


I’m trying to use the serial XML file formats to import data into ParaView for visualization. I have followed a tutorial that gets me pretty close to what I want:

However, the cells in the model mesh are actually rectangular cuboids in the modelling software I’m working with prior to post-processing the data into VTK/Paraview and don’t have the sloping top/bottom faces as shown in the screenshot above. In my modelling software each cell is defined by a top/bottom elevation as well as a length and width, e.g:

Which one of the XML file formats would be able to achieve cells that have variable top/bottom elevations, but with no slope on the top/bottom? Would the Unstructured Grid with the cells defined as voxel cell type (#11) be the way to go?

Or would that not work, or would it be more straightforward to use another file type? I’m currently trying to get the voxel one to work but I’m not making terribly fast progress.


Explicit Structured Grid should do the job:

If not, Ustructured Grid.

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Thanks! Is there an example of the XML file format for the Explicit Structured Grid? I have tried looking through the documentation but there didn’t seem to be anything for the Explicit Structured Grid.

I’m afraid there is not XML file format for ESG yet.

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Ah, never mind. I can probably make do with the unstructured grid. Out of interest, what formats does the Explicit Structured Grid require? I’m not sure if I was looking in the wrong place, but I didn’t see anything when I looked.