windows m1 arm64 status

Hi all,
Running windows 11 in vmware on apple M1.
Build with visual studio 17.5.1.

Fails with plenty of build errors of the type below

|Error|C1189|#error: Byte order of target CPU unknown.|CommonCore|C:\Users\win11\Downloads\VTK-9.2.6\Utilities\KWIML\vtkkwiml\include\kwiml\abi.h|478||

Any ideas how to fix this?


Try grabbing the most recent abi.h from the kwiml repository. Aternatively, you can try building the VTK master branch from the VTK repository, since the master branch includes the latest kwiml.

I certainly can’t promise that it will work, though. Building VTK on ARM is a long shot for any OS except macOS.

It’s definitely done for Linux (ParaView is deployed on some ARM platforms). Testing is certainly lacking though.

I’ll note that CMake does support Windows ARM, so KWIML has been updated, but VTK may not have grabbed the latest in a long time.