Write 1D structure for paraview


I am trying to read files generated by ExportPolyDataScene with paraview …unsuccessfully. Any idea why ?

More generally, I have a slender 1D structure (yarn, rod, hair, beam) given in terms of its centerline and a material frame (or torsion). I’d like to write datas (centerline positions, plus frames) and to be able to read them with paraview.

So far I am thinking of using vtkLineSource and vtkTubeFilter to draw the yarn, and use vtkPolyDataWriter but I am very beginner to it. So if any of you have examples to help me through this, that would be very welcome.


  1. Use actual scene format export instead of this example, eg vtkglTFExporter
  2. ParaView does not support to import a scene. ParaView glance and F3D supports it.

Thanks for this first answer.