Xcode cannot open renderer

Hello all,

I am using for the first time VTK (9.0.1 from anaconda) on a macOS machine (11.4), and I seem to be unable to open the renderer window, or better, something happens, I see the icon, but it closes immediately.

The requirement is to use Xcode (12.5.1), not the command line with CMake, so I have read some posts and translated the CMake commands to the Xcode configuration.

I am using the example cylinder code, adding before using any VTK includes the following:

#include <vtkAutoInit.h>
#include <vtkRenderingOpenGLConfigure.h>


In the “Other Link Flags” I have added the VTK libraries from CMake:


I have also tried to add the OpenGL framwork along with IOKit and libz, but it does not help.

What sees to me weird is that I expected at least an error in the output console, but nothing can be seen.

Any hints are really welcome.