Difference between vtkStructuredPoints and vtkStructuredPointsReader?


I need a way to transform a vtkStructuredPoints into a vtkAlgorithmOutput

I have a problem using the streamtracer.

When I load vector information using the vtkStructuredPointsReader, I can set the SetInputConnection used of the vtkStreamTracer, but when I generate a vtkStructuredPoints object I’m unable to set the inputconnection as the vtkStructuredPoints does not have a outputport.
Funny thing is; if I save the vtkStructuredPoints to a file and load the data using vtkStructuredPointsReader it works perfectly.

what about vtkStreamTracer::SetInputData() ?

Hi, it turns out that one needs to set the name of the active vectors by calling:


on the underlying vtkFloatArray and setting the active vectors to this name on the vtkStructuredPoints object:


and then using the structured points
by setting:

vtkstreamer vtkstreamer.SetInputData(structuredPoints)

Hope this helps other that have struggled with this too :slight_smile:


I have the same trouble but does not solved.

I just wonder how does the point data pass?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.