Does anyone maintain multi-platform java builds? Is there nay hope for getting official builds with Java?

I use a Java code that is built on top of VTK, and it’s a real bummer that builds aren’t available with Java from Kitware.

When we switched from Java3D to VTK years ago, I built VTK with the Java extensions for OS X, Windows, and Linux. Because of just how painful it is to build VTK (and the need to have systems of each platform to do the builds), we’re still on VTK 8.1. Now with the new Mac M1/2/3/N chips, those builds no longer work for some of my collaborators.

I’m wondering if anyone out there maintains builds of VTK with Java enabled? Or if there is any hope that official builds might be released with the java extensions? This post mentions that they are generated as part of nightly testing, but I can’t seem to find them. I would prefer release builds to nightlies, but I’ll do just about anything to not have to manually build VTK on 4 architectures (or even 1…it’s painful).