No mode name 'VtkRendingQt' on Mac mini

In terminal, it occurs when run python3 and import vtk after compiling VTK 8.2 branch in Mac mini and run ‘make install’.

MacOS: Mojave, Mac mini(2018),
Graphic Card:Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536MB
Python 3.7.2 ;
Qt 5.11.3

I don’t think vtkRendingQt is a module or class in VTK at all… perhaps you’re looking for the vtk.qt module?:

import vtk.qt

from vtk.qt.QVTKRenderWindowInteractor import QVTKRenderWindowInteractor

Do you have any other context on what you’re trying to accomplish?

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Enter import vtk in python to report this error, but there is vtkRenderingQTPython in vtkmodules

That’s not good!

Do you have PyQt5 installed?

python3 -m pip install PyQt5

Also - is there any reason your building VTK from source and not using the PyPI wheels?

See this question which has a similar error.

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